About Us
The Ministry of Mythology preserves the memory of over 100 mythological stories throughout the North Sea and surrounding countries. Situated on the site of the now disused Valhalla Oil Field, the Ministry of Mythology aims to both document and share the collective mythology of the North Sea area.
Utilising traditional methods of recording such as photography and videography as well as modern methods of documentation such as LIDAR scanning and 3D printing, the natural conditions and surrounding context as well as the story itself are recorded and stored within the ministry. Using modern technology, these conditions are able to be recreated in specialised chambers within the ministry with the aim to take the immersive, recreated mythological experience to the country of origin. 
The Ministry of Mythology's ethos of seeking out and preserving the mythology of the North Sea is based on the Odin's Ravens, Huginn and Muninn. Within Norse Mythology, Huginn and Muninn are Odin's eyes, flying all over the living realm and reporting back. In ancient Norse, Huginn translates as 'thought', relating to events of the present and Munin translates as 'memory', referring to events of the past. In the world of the Ministry of Mythology, the two ravens take the form of the organisations' logo, relating Huginn to the seeking out of new stories and Munin to the preservation of these stories. The Logo displays both Huginn and Muninn as well as Asgard. 
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